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Stack of Books


Jordan is very thorough and professional when working with my child. She is doing an amazing job and we couldn't be happier to have her!

Math Notebook and Calculator

I was apprehensive at first, not sure how my child would respond due to some behavioral challenges. Jordan, however, was patient and engaging with him and he enjoyed the sessions from the start! She formally assessed my child's skill and learning gaps and developed a program unique to him! His teacher noticed his progress in reading and actually asked him what he was doing to improve. He proudly told her he was being tutored. We are on the right track for success in the classroom.

Colorful Alphabets

Jordan is highly skilled and dedicated teacher. My son enjoys meet her at library. She makes it easy for kids to utilize the library. She taught my sons about ideation, including clear topic sentences and the importance of details. With her support, my son's becoming a good reader and compelling writer. She is a gem and we were so lucky to have found her.



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