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Tablet Learning

Our Vision

At Adaptive Academics, we strive to capitalize on each student's strengths and interests in order to build confidence and capability in all academic areas. We utilize a goal-oriented approach so that all students can see and celebrate their progress.

Our Story

I was a teacher in the public schools for four years. There were many things I really loved about being a teacher - the creativity, the "lightbulb moments", seeing students grow both academically and personally. However, the public school setting was becoming increasingly frustrating. I felt as though I was never able to help my students achieve to their fullest potentials for a variety of reasons. Despite this, I didn't have any immediate desires to leave the classroom until my son was born in 2021. While on maternity leave, I spent many sleep-less nights wracking my brain to try to figure out a way to maintain an income while still getting to spend as much time with my son as possible.


It was from this desire that I took a leap. I left the classroom and decided to try tutoring a few students in my spare time. The demand was so much greater than I ever could have anticipated. I quickly saw that parents and students were seeing the same disconnect I had seen during my time in the classroom. Even many of the world's greatest teachers are struggling to get the students to where they need to be. This problem is exacerbated by increasing class sizes, teacher shortages, scripted curriculums, and the learning gaps created during COVID-19. To put it plainly, the public school system simply isn't cutting it for most students. 

I created Adaptive Academics out of a longing to be with my son during his fleeting childhood, but I realized that I was able to do many of the things I always wanted to do in the classroom, but never had the time or resources to actually implement. By working with students one-on-one many of the pressures from peers, the clock, or a chaotic environment are removed. Students are able to focus their attention and ask questions in a comfortable setting. Most importantly, tutoring lessons and practice can be adapted to each student's individual strengths, needs, and interests. 

Jordan Raglow | Founder
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